We believe our hybrid system is the highest quality flooring you can put in your garage or home when it comes to durability, beauty and cost. Our multi-coat resinous system consists of a combination of 100% solid epoxy base coat with a Polyaspartic top coat.

We do not use an epoxy “paint” product, like you would find at a hardware store. Paint relies on a glue chemistry to hold it down; it can re-emulsify and come up over a short period of time. Our system is not ‘glued’ down. The product we use seeps into the concrete and becomes part of the floor. Our top coat, Polyaspartic is a relatively new industrial coating technology that performs better than other urethane coatings in protecting surfaces in harsher weather and against impact.

Because this floor coating is stain proof, water resistant, resistant to hot tire pressure and road salts, highly chemical resistant and resistant to chipping and yellowing from sun exposure, you will also see this flooring in restaurants, showrooms, and manufacturing plants. It’s the system that is most often used in commercial applications. The finish increases the strength of the concrete by up to 10x. And it is beautiful, with a multitude of color choices.

This hybrid flooring is extremely easy to clean and looks beautiful for many years. You can easily wipe up any marks for years to come. If you make good use of your garage space and consider it part of your living space, you will want the best flooring that can be installed at the best cost.  Contact us today to get a complimentary quote on getting your garage floors professionally coated and refinished.